• Liquid soap
  • Tie Dye Kit
  • Bucket/large container
  • White shirt or other fabric
  • Access to water
  • Plastic bag
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  1. Before you begin tie dying, make sure you wash your intended fabric item. Remove any sizing or care instruction product tags. Make sure you cover the work area with protective plastic to avoid unintended dye stains.

  2. Wet your intended fabric item until it is damp. Once dampened, grab the item and begin the prep for dying. Fold, twist and bind your fabric according to your chosen tie dye technique, either using (the provided) rubber bands and/or plastic zip ties to secure it.

  3. Once your fabric item is secured, it’s time to mix your dyes. Put on the provided protective plastic gloves. Remove the dye bottle tip (leaving the cap in place over the tip) and pour water into the bottle up to the printed fill line, then replace the cap and shake the dye bottle vigorously until all of the dye is properly mixed.

  4. Remove cap from the dye bobble tip and then squeeze the dye into different sections of your bound fabric. You may need to rotate and/or flip your fabric whilst applying the dye to make sure you properly cover all sections.

  5. Cover your tie dyed fabric in plastic to keep damp while the dye sets. Let it set for at least 6-8 hours or even longer to achieve the brightest colours. After your fabric has set for the recommended amount of time, fully rinse it under water until the water run off is clear.