Look Sharp Store offers a broad range of career possibilities that cater to many talent and personalities. It is an exciting company where you can live your true passion for retail.
We value our people, our customers and our brand. We value our people at first place because it is their efforts that have built the ‘Look Sharp’ brand and kept our customers coming back for business.
At Look Sharp Store, we value our people, our customers and our brand. We value our people at the first place because it is their efforts that have built the ‘Look Sharp’ brand and kept our customers coming back for business.
We are committed to helping all our staff to achieve their career goals in retail from the very first day. They will find support, training and encouragement along the way.
Look Sharp Store also provides equal opportunities to every employee. Most of our managers in both store and head office started junior roles in the company. During their employment, they’ve gained skills, knowledge and experience; they’ve showed us their talent, loyalty, hardworking attitude. So once there is an opportunity, the company doesn’t hesitate to offer them any positions.  
Look Sharp Store is committed to build fun environment to work in. We are Auckland’s leading ‘one stop fun shop’ for party supplies. There are thousands of items in store, new items keep coming almost every single day. Our customers come from different backgrounds with different shopping needs. So it is always challenging, and you will never get bored at work.

How We Hire:

Step 1: register your interest in available vacancy by sending us your CV and covering   letter.

Step 2: HR team will review all the applicants and select the most suitable ones.

Step 3: If you were selected, we will arrange a job interview for you, and email you with the application form and details for the interview.

Step 4: If you impressed us at your interview, HR team will arrange a pre-employment work assessment (work test) for you in one of our branches. Our Training Manager will be there and review your work test.

Step 5: If we were satisfied with your performance at work test, we will carry out reference check immediately.

Step 6: If everything is confirmed fine, HR Manager will contact you directly to offer you the employment. All employment documents will be sent to you for review.

Step 7: Sign the employment agreement and start fun working at Look Sharp Store.

For any enquiries regarding vacancies and applications, please call 09 525 2095, or email to

Store Career – Retail Assistant, Store Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Supporting roles at Head Office – Merchandising, Purchasing, Training, Marketing, Finance, Warehouse Solution, Information Technology(IT).

Are you a graduate student looking for challenging and rewarding work experience? Are you keen to put your studies in tangible and meaningful practise? Then immerse yourself with the fast growing company and an incredible internship with Look Sharp Store.

You could undertake an internship at one of our stores in the area of your study; including customer service, leadership, stock handling and much more.

Students gain priceless first hand workplace experience that develops their skills as effective professionals and complements their academic learning. You have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real situations and challenges. You will get support and feedback from our experienced management team through your whole internship period. Furthermore, the internship also gives Look Sharp Store exposure to the latest business knowledge and new ideas from you. It provides the opportunity to the company to identify potential team members.

At the end of the internship, the students with outstanding performance may gain permanent employment with Look Sharp Store.

Retail Stores: Store Manager, Assistant Manager and Supervisor

Office support: marketing, accounting, administration, HR, and IT

Warehouse: Warehouse Manager, Supervisor

Real leadership

Through a structured program of experiences, learning and real responsibilities, we’ll help you develop your leadership qualities and decision-making capability that will set you up for the position you deserve. You will be put into meaningful roles where you can work together with talent leaders. Experiences like this will develop your leadership skills and your confidence in next to no time.

Support from the best in the company

You will have the direct support of our most talented leaders. Not just from the leader you report to, also unparalleled access to leaders across different departments and teams in the company. You will get to share their working experiences, insight into their perspectives on making decisions and direct exposure of their different leadership styles.


Your rotations will place you into a variety of different roles in different locations and departments. From entry level tasks to leadership experiences, you will get to learn different aspects of the company: our history, business, culture, policies and procedures; how each department works together and impact each other; opportunity to take on team leader or manager roles. However, it is largely up to you to make decision whether you’d like to take the team leader or manager opportunity as it will typically stretch and challenge your capabilities. It will definitely provide many of the career-defining achievements that will establish your skills, knowledge and reputation.


Store Supervisor, Warehouse Supervisor, and Coordinator for departments – 12 Months

Assistant Store Manager and senior coordinator – 18 Months

Store Manager, Warehouse Manager and assistant managers for other departments – 24 Months

After the training, the candidates with outstanding performance will gain secure positions in either stores or office. These candidates have to be able to go to other cities (outside Auckland) if the positions require them to go.


You must be a tertiary study graduate with passion in retail and have the right to live and work in New Zealand.

Purpose – To attract and recruit quality candidates for Look Sharp Store, and develop and place them into challenging and needed management positions

Potential positions – on this stage, Look Sharp Store will only focus on Retail Store Manager and Assistant Manager Positions, and provides trainee programs for these two positions.

Pathways – the training you need and the opportunity you deserve. It is the way your career starts with Look Sharp Store.

✓ Look Sharp Store Retail Store Mangers begin as management trainees and are provided with an extensive training program in addition to a rotation as Assistant Store Managers.

✓ Look Sharp Store Assistant Managers begin as management trainees and are provided with an extensive training program in addition to rotation as Store Supervisors.

Duration – 3- 6 months

0 – 3 month: extensive training through all aspects of the business that allows you to thoroughly understanding the company and the business of it; learn company policies and procedures, how each department works together and impacts one another.

3 – 6 month: focus on management skills development; take part in every day operation, decision making, supervising staff, setting clear store objectives and improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Job Description

✓ What does a trainee do?

As a management trainee (future store manager or assistant store manager) at Look Sharp Store we will provide you with training and on the job experience so that in 6 months you will be ready to step into a full manager or assistant manager role in one of our branches (Auckland or other cities). This 6 months period will help you to understand all the departments and functions in this company. You will have the ability and opportunity to run the entire store and make some important decisions on you own. Your role will have a direct impact on the store’s daily operation. And most importantly, it will help you grow in your professional retail career. It won’t be easy, and you will be challenged along the way to show the company that you are the most suitable candidate for the position. We will be right there with you to offer guidance and support.

✓ Opportunity

After the training, the candidates with outstanding performance will gain positions as store manager or assistant manager in either current stores or new stores. These candidates have to be able to go to other cities (outside Auckland) if the positions require them to do so.

✓ Qualification & Experience

  • Relevant Business Study qualification
  • 2+ years retail management experience in a fast paced, customer service
  • Proven ability to lead, train and develop associates by practicing a hands-on
  • Must be very detail oriented and process driven.
  • Demonstrate ability to work well under stress and handle potential difficult
  • Willingness to work retail hours, including nights, holidays, and weekends.
  • Flexibility to work in multiple stores in the market and the ability to relocate is
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Superb probing, analytical, problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  • Demonstrated commitment to operational integrity, policies and procedures