• Colour card paper
  • Pastel colour card paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  1. Cut strips of a piece of bright green card to create the stems for your flowers.
  2. Glue these stems to a piece of card you wish to make the bouquet paper.
  3. Fold a piece of colour card down the center.
  4. Cut half teardrop shapes into this card paper to create the lily heads. Repeat this so that there are three pieces of each flower colour.
  5. Glue down one piece of the flower, laying flat atop the flower stem.
  6. Then attach the other two flower pieces, but still folded and more off-center to create the lily look.
  7. Repeat for each flower colour.
  8. Fold a piece of green colour card and cut leaf shapes into it.
  9. Glue these leaves onto the stems.
  10. Fold over the paper base of the bouquet to create the bouquet shape. Secure with glue.
  11. Cut a piece of colour card into a square. Then into a cross at the top, with some excess to create a bow shape.
  12. Fold the top of the paper into itself to create the bow.
  13. Attach to the bouquet, finishing with a paper heart detail!