Online Shopping

How do I buy products online?

Find the products you are looking for by typing into the search box, or by browsing through the site. Then just select the required quantity and click the “Add to Cart” button to add it to your cart.

You can see how many products are in your cart at the top right hand side of the page. To see a full view of your cart simply click on the “My Cart” icon at the top right hand side of the page.

Once you are satisfied with everything in your cart that you’d like to Purchase, click the Checkout button. You will be asked to login or checkout as a guest without saving your details. From here you will enter, or confirm, your delivery details and select your payment method.

After the checkout process is complete you will see an Order Confirmation screen, this information will also be emailed to you and updated once we have started the order process. You can track your order under your My Account section, for unregister purchases please feel free to call us on 09 3200 247 or email us at our email.

Do I have to register to a order online?

No – you do not have to be registered to purchase from Look Sharp Store website.

However signing up gives the following benefits:

    • You do not need to enter your address and other details every time you shop because these are saved for you.
    • You can check whether your order has been dispatched and find any tracking numbers in the Order History area.
    • You can choose to receive emails on products and discounts or unsubscribe from the email at any time.
    • You can add products to your Wishlist so they are easy to find when you come back to the site in the future.

If you would like to sign up now click here to be directed to the sign up page.

When I buy Costumes online, how do I know my size?

The Costume Measurements & Sizing details will be indicated on our costume sizing chart which can be found on each costume product page.

Costume Sizing Chart
Why is the colour of the product on the website picture different to the product?

We try our best to ensure the colour in the images are accurate & represent the colour of the product, but it can appear slightly different depending on manufacture change of packaging or possibly the screen you are viewing it on.

Orders & Shipping

How much will delivery cost?

Visit the Delivery Information page to see our charge rates & full detailed information.

Can i pick up my online order from the nearest store?

Yes – Before confirming payment details on the checkout page please leave which store branch you would like your order to be sent to under the comment section provided on that page.

If a product is unsatisfactory, we can offer to exchange it for another one (ie. a different colour or size) or another product for the same value, proof of purchase is required in order to get an exchange or a refund.

How can i track my online order?

If your order has been dispatched you will have received a confirmation email that contained a tracking number for the order. If you were registered and logged in when you placed your order, then you can check on the status of your order in the Order History area. This will tell you whether your order is being processed or has been dispatched.

if you are not registered with our website we will update and send a confirmation email letting you know once the order has shipped with the courier service however in some cases if required please call us for any urgent enquirys about your order.

If I need to return or exchange products in my order, how do I do it?

If a product is unsatisfactory or damaged during delivery, we can offer to replace or exchange it for another product in same vaule as the faulty one, you will need to resend back to our return address or drop of the faulty goods to one of our nearest store branches before we may process a refund or exchange.

You will be required to have proof of purchase (invoice) to get an exchange or refund, call our online number 09 3200 247 or email us ( regarding on the issue and we will help resolve the problem as soon as possible.

General Enquiries

Helium Balloon Enquiries

Please view our Helium Balloon Chart for full details on Inflation and sizes In-Stores only.
(Note: Online orders for balloons will arrive uninflated if required please visit the nearest Look Sharp Store branch to get them filled.)

 Helium Balloon Prices & Inflation Cost
Balloon Size / Type Cost Per Balloon Helium Cost Per Balloon
 5″ Latex Plain  $0.30/pc  $1.00/pc
 11″ Latex Plain  $0.50/pc  $2.00/pc
 11″ Latex Design  $1.50/pc  $2.00/pc
 11″ Latex Glitter  $2.50/pc  $2.00/pc
 16″ Latex Plain / Design  $2.00/pc  $4.00/pc
 30″ Latex Plain / Design  $14.00/pc  $20.00/pc
 Foil Balloons  Vary according to size  Vary according to size
Addtional Information

Helium Gas is $2.00 per pump which includes high float gel & ribbon colour of choice (check in store once purchased for avaliable colour choice.)
Latex Balloons last up to on average (8-10 hours) may vary.

Free delivery for helium filled balloons will only be provided if there are more then 80 balloons in the placed order, you can pre book your helium filled balloons online by sending us an email to or contact us by calling 09 3200 0247

Foil Number & Letter Balloons require 5 pumps of helium gas – $10.00 + Cost of Balloon.

Custom Printing Enquiries & Information

Visit our custom printing page to see our full detailed information on avaliable prints cost and sizes

Addtional Information

For the best quality prints we advise you to send us the highest resolution possible of the image / picture you would like us to use. (1MB or higher recommended) 

T-Shirt Sizing Chart (Based on average measurements)

   T-Shirt Length  Chest Width  Sleeve Length
 Small  71cm  51cm  40cm
 Medium  72cm  55cm  41cm
 Large  74cm  57cm  43cm
 XL  77cm  58cm  44cm
 XXL  78cm  59cm  45cm
 Kids 2  40cm  33cm  22cm
 Kids 4  45cm  35cm  25cm
 Kids 6  50cm  39cm  28cm
 Kids 8  53cm  41cm  31cm
 Kids 10  57cm  42cm  32cm
 Kids 12  59cm  46cm  33cm
 Kids 14  66cm  51cm  36cm
You've answered a lot of questions here, but I still have one you haven't answered. How can I contact you?

If you have more questions feel free to contact us by emailing to or directly calling us on 09 3200 247 for any general enquiries.
You may also contact our stores directly – please view our store locator page for contact details and opening hours.


VIP Club Information

VIP membership offers a wide range of benefits including discounts & loyalty points, email special offer, birthday specials, prize giveaways and party ideas! Wanna know how the loyalty points work? Every VIP transaction will earn 5% of the total sale value (e.g. $35 purchase will earn 35 points, which equals $1.75 loyal dollars), you can redeem loyal dollars once you reach a minimum spending of $200.

You can sign up as a VIP both in-stores and online.
To sign up in-stores, simply get a VIP sign up form from the cashier and fill it out, we will send a unique QR code to your email address on the next day.
To sign up online, please go to this link and fill out the form, we will send a unique QR code to your email address on the next day.

Accumulation of loyal points for each transaction – Show the cashier your unique QR code or inform the cashier your mobile phone number/email address. Once the cashier enters the transaction into the system, the system will accumulate loyal points for you automatically.

In cases if a customer were to lose or forget their QR code please send an email to and we will send you your QR code.