Look Sharp Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. T-Shirt Printing Size Chart

A1. Refer at the chart for t-shirt sizes.

       (Note: T-Shirt measurements are average estimations for sizes)

        If any questions or regards on prints please contact us directly on our website number provided on the home page.


 Q2. Pick up from store - Online Order Purchase .

A2. Please leave a message either on the Address or Comment section of the check out page for which store branch you would like your order to be dispatched at.


Q3. Click for discount (when available).

A3. Give our facebook a like under the selected tab for a free 10% cash back coupon, which can be used with any purchases on our website!

       The discount coupon cannot be used in conjunction with another discount promotion code.

       Cash back promotions can only be refunded back into the account used to purchase the goods and cannot be refunded in cash or in any other ways.


Q4. What are the costume sizes ?

A4. Please refer to the size chart for costume sizes:




Q5. Onesie chart size.

A5. Refer at the chart for onesie sizes (Note: onesies are CN Size, average estimation for sizes are listed below)

        If required a closer size of fit please contact us directly on our website number provided on the home page.




Q6. Oppo Suits chart size.

A6. Please refer at the chart for suit sizes.


Q7. Helium Balloon enquiries

A7. Balloon enquiries:

 We offer our balloon filling services only in stores where you may get them filled on the day or prepay and request a date and time you would like us to prepare them for you.

 The Cost of the helium gas will be determind per balloon and what size.

 (We charge $2.00 per pump, A full list on helium prices can be viewed in stores.) 


Q8. Can I add this order to my VIP card?

A8. We are unable to add orders that are made on our online website to our customer VIP cards. The website runs off a different system and does not include the function to intergrate the VIP cards at this time.