Look Sharp Store Management Trainee Program (MTP)

Look Sharp Store Management Trainee Program (GMTP)Purpose – to attract and recruit quality candidates for Look Sharp Store, and develop and place them into challenging and needed management positions

Potential positions – on this stage, Look Sharp Store will only focus on Retail Store Manager and Assistant Manager Positions, and provides trainee programs for these two positions.

Pathways – the training you need and the opportunity you deserve. It is the way your career starts with Look Sharp Store.

 Look Sharp Store Retail Store Mangers begin as management trainees and are provided with an extensive training program in addition to a rotation as Assistant Store Managers.

 Look Sharp Store Assistant Managers begin as management trainees and are provided with an extensive training program in addition to rotation as Store Supervisors.

Duration – 3- 6 months

0 – 3 month: extensive training through all aspects of the business that allows you to thoroughly understanding the company and the business of it; learn company policies and procedures, how each department works together and impacts one another.

3 – 6 month: focus on management skills development; take part in every day operation, decision making, supervising staff, setting clear store objectives and improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Job Description

 What does a trainee do?

As a management trainee (future store manager or assistant store manager) at Look Sharp Store we will provide you with training and on the job experience so that in 6 months you will be ready to step into a full manager or assistant manager role in one of our branches (Auckland or other cities). This 6 months period will help you to understand all the departments and functions in this company. You will have the ability and opportunity to run the entire store and make some important decisions on you own. Your role will have a direct impact on the store’s daily operation. And most importantly, it will help you grow in your professional retail career. It won’t be easy, and you will be challenged along the way to show the company that you are the most suitable candidate for the position. We will be right there with you to offer guidance and support.

 Opportunity

After the training, the candidates with outstanding performance will gain positions as store manager or assistant manager in either current stores or new stores. These candidates have to be able to go to other cities (outside Auckland) if the positions require them to do so.

 Qualification & Experience

  1. Relevant Business Study qualification
  2. 2+ years retail management experience in a fast paced, customer service
  3. Proven ability to lead, train and develop associates by practicing a hands-on
  4. Must be very detail oriented and process driven.
  5. Demonstrate ability to work well under stress and handle potential difficult
  6. Willingness to work retail hours, including nights, holidays, and weekends.
  7. Flexibility to work in multiple stores in the market and the ability to relocate is
  8. Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  9. Superb probing, analytical, problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  10. Demonstrated commitment to operational integrity, policies and procedures