Personalised Paper Masks

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Disclaimer: Due to high volume of orders we will not be accepting any urgent orders for this product & note this product may take up to 10 working days due to high demand.

Our Personalised Masks are printed from your photos and are a fantastic addition to add more fun to your parties!
Includes set of 5 custom printed masks

Product Details
  • The maximum size of each mask is 18 x 25cm
    (The size depends on the customers face.)
  • A choice selection of stick or elastic back piece must be chosen.
  • Masks in a set will all be the same image, if you want a different image please order an addtional set.
  • The proivded image size should be a minimum of 1 MB
  • For the best result choose a forward facing image for your personalised mask.
  • Please do not crop your photo and make sure to include your head and hair properly while taking photo

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